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Lots of testimonials on the  Rabbit Holes twitter, but this one probably exemplifies the spirit of it the most:

"Actually, if you asked how much I’d pay to keep it if you threatened to take it away I’d probably pay close to $500, and that’s while being quite money constrained as an early stage founder rn. But 2-3x is how much I’d pay without even hesitating.

And no it doesn’t really have anything to do with the insights I don’t think, even tho I do get lots of wonderful and valuable insights from it. For me, it’s a way of channeling my curiosity and wonder.

I usually set it aside for a Saturday around midday, play the music you put, and spend probably 2 1/2 hours going all thru it and command clicking tabs open
. I don’t go thru the tabs until after I’m finished or sometimes the next day. But I get into a total trance and don’t even go to the bathroom or get up while I’m reading it. It reminds me of the way I feel while watching a really great movie that you get lost in and forget that you are even watching a movie and you feel like you’re inside the story.

I think it’s about the way it makes me feel - introspective, curious, smiley, grateful to be a part of this world that’s full of so much wisdom and beauty (like the knowledge equivalent of looking at the ocean or a starry sky and both noticing how small you are and simultaneously how grateful you are to be a part of this universe).

The beauty part of it is especially wonderful, I save a lot of the aesthetics and send them to friends who that particular aesthetic reminds me of.I always finish it with a contented smile on my face and go for a walk or a quick meditation to just let it all soak. I also finish with like 15-20 new tabs open of interesting things to explore. Also I often end up with some notecards of interesting ideas, quotes, poems that I put into my notecard pile of concepts I want to continue to steep myself in"

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